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Mojang EULA

Our statement regarding Mojang Studios' EULA policy

Here at Mystic Network, we utilize experimental features to make our server more unique (mainly based on server resource packs). That allows us to implement cosmetic, non pay-to-win items that just modify the look and feel of the game.

We were always strongly against any EULA breakage. We do not support nor engage in selling items that may give some players advantage over others that did not purchase the same item.

About the Community (Mystic Network & Associates)

We are not a competitive server. Our network features a custom Survival server which functions as a chill, community-focused server that has no intention to become competitive in any way, shape or form. We do not provide leaderboards or other means of rankings, such as payouts, etc. Player vs Player (fighting) is also disabled, we are not a PVP server either.

Our server is SFW, community-focused and minor friendly; we heavily restrict all behaviour that may be considered as inappropriate, illegal, controversial, and unacceptable in any other way, shape or form.

Our main goal is to be a place where everyone is welcome, including minors (they form a huge part of our player base) and it is in our interest to protect them from all sorts of bad influence.

What we sell

Based on everything said above, as well as Mojang Studios' EULA article, we deem we are allowed to sell:

  • Ranks, as they offer cosmetic features and custom commands that are not taking advantage of vanilla Minecraft systems, nor give players advantage over others. Included non-cosmetic items can also be obtained free of charge.
  • Cosmetics, as they only modify the look of players, while not using Minecraft's trademark items/assets to do so.
  • Crate Keys, as a way to provide our players with a wide range of features. Alternative ways to obtain them, as follows:
    a) exchanging keys in-game, allowing them to start with free ones and unlock all available (incl. paid) keys.
    b) doing in-game activities for keys through our custom quests system that awards our hard-working players daily.
  • Pets, as they are custom modeled and only follow the player. They can't be used for any kind of advantage.
  • Any other product featured on the store. In case this page isn't up-to-date with the latest products, all other products featured on the store should not violate the current EULA and/or Commercial Usage Guidelines.

Note from our Team

We call for more transparent coverage of Mojang Studios' EULA, in as much details and scenarios as possible. Since Mojang's articles are not written clearly enough for server owners, we can never be completely sure that we are not breaking certain EULA aspects.

We are not aware of EULA breakage within our community, but we are always ready to modify anything on our behalf that might not be in accordance with the EULA and/or Commercial Usage Guidelines. If required, you may contact us below.

Contact information can be found below:

Written by the founder, head developer and current owner of Mystic Network, Konfix.