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Welcome to Mystic Network's official Wiki page.

Feel free to navigate throughout different categories and pages to learn more. We do our best to keep all pages up-to-date with latest changes, please let us know if there is anything that needs to be modified.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you can't find the answers to your problems, open a ticket on our Discord server. Our team will be more than happy to help you!

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About Survival

Survival is Mystic Network's oldest game mode, the start of its development in 2020 also marks the founding of Mystic. Ever since 2020, Survival has evolved in a lot of ways.

Our main goal with Survival was creating a space for players to have fun on, build towns and make friends with other players. That is why we are strongly against all unfair tactics (more about that on our Rules page) – we are focused on being a friendly and chill community.

What you can do on Survival

The possibilities are (almost) endless. You can build your own towns, cities, villages or join other people's already established towns. You can earn money in a lot of ways (we have a dedicated page explaining more). You can make your own shops, trade and sell your items, play interesting games, make impressive farms, tame pets and more!

We have pushed the boundaries of Minecraft by utilizing experimental resource pack features. This allows us to implement some features that you can't see on other boring servers. So feel free to join and check them out!

You spawn in Mystiville, our cozy public town which includes tons of different shops and builds you can explore. You can learn a lot about the server by simply talking to bunch of different NPCs and exploring the town.

Our main map was built by the best experts in the Minecraft community. Its size is roughly 8,000x8,000 blocks which is enough to include all biomes, including the custom ones you can't see anywhere else. You will always be not too far away from other players, but still have plenty of space left to expand your builds.

We also have other dimensions you can explore, such as the Resource world (it resets monthly so you can never run out of resources) and you can also explore the Nether.

Did you know that you can also fight bosses? Yeah, that's right – you can visit the Devil's Cavern and travel to our special boss arena called the Tartarus Arena. But be careful, immediately after you travel to Tartarus, the real hell begins. You must be well-prepared to fight our most powerful bosses or you will almost certainly die.

Final words

Ever since we started the development in 2020, we have never stopped actively working on new updates. That's why the best way to learn about our Survival game mode is by simply playing and exploring! We're sure that you will not get bored any time soon.

After you join, feel free to ask any player (especially the staff team members) for help, they will be more than happy to help you get around!

Have fun exploring the Survival game mode on Mystic!

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Is it required to accept the resource pack?

Short answer would be yes, it's required. Declining the pack will kick you until you accept it.

Our server is based on resource packs. Their usage allows us to implement mod-like features not seen on other vanilla servers.

That's why you're asked to accept the pack when you join the first time.

Steps to successfully accept and install the pack

  1. Join the server and wait until the resource pack prompt shows up;
  2. Click on the 'Proceed' button on the left;
  3. Wait until the pack is installed.

Already declined? Prompt not showing? Can't join the server?

If you can't join the server because you have already declined the pack (or your settings are set to decline automatically), follow these steps to allow the resource pack:

  1. Leave the server and open your servers list;
  2. Select Mystic Network (don't join yet);
  3. Click on the 'Edit' button on the bottom;
  4. Option 'Server Resource Packs' must be either 'Prompt' or 'Enabled', not 'Disabled'.
  5. Click on the 'Done' button to save changes;
  6. Join the server and accept the pack this time.

The pack was loaded, but I see weird symbols.

This issue usually happens because your Client language is using a non-Latin script. Languages such as Serbian, Macedonian, Russian, Greek, Armenian, etc. all have their own scripts. Even if you are using a Latin script, this can happen because of the 'Force Unicode Font' option. You must set it to OFF (disable it) to fix this issue:

You can find this option in your client's Language settings.

Do I need to accept the pack every time I join?

No. You only need to accept the pack once. After that, the pack will be installed automatically each time you join. It's stored locally in your game files and it's simply loaded from your PC.

When we modify things in the pack, the files get updated and downloaded from our server automatically, so you shouldn't worry about anything after you've accepted the pack for the first time.

Is the resource pack safe for my PC?

The pack is 100% safe for your PC. It only contains text, image, and sound files. Because of Minecraft limitations, its size is small so it also doesn't take much space on your computer.

We have uploaded the pack publicly to VirusTotal and 65 independent services have checked it for harmful data. Feel free to check the results.

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Using Mystic Guard provides a way to protect your in-game account against all join attempts and control your account from the comfort of your Discord DMs.

There are multiple useful features that you can take advantage of, once you link your accounts:

  • Get a DM notification whenever someone joins the server while on your account.
    The bot will also provide the IP used to log-in and attempt to geographically locate it. (Can be unreliable)
  • Request other useful information, such as what game mode you're currently connected to on the network.
  • Lock your account in case it gets stolen. This will prevent further joins until you unlock it.
  • Kick your account from the network, anytime you want. Lock your account to prevent reconnecting.
  • Reset your password through Discord DMs. This will generate a new password that you can change later.
  • Enable 2-factor authentication for your in-game account. You must confirm on Discord before joining.
  • Register a new account without the need to join the game. This will also auto-connect it to Guard.

Another reason to connect your accounts with Mystic Guard is that you won't get support in case your unprotected account gets compromised. In most cases, our team is completely helpless unless you've secured your account.

How to connect your in-game account to Guard

The process is very straightforward and shouldn't take more than few seconds to complete.

Send a DM to our Mystic Guard Discord bot. Username is Mystic Guard#5050, or click here.

  • The content of the message should be !link <in-game name> (eg. !link Konfix)
  • After that, you will receive a command you should type in-game to complete the process.

You will receive a confirmation message in-game and a special role on our Discord server.

What happens next

After you've successfully connected your accounts, you should receive notifications in your DMs by default.

You can always disable them through our Buttons Panel (request it with !buttons). However, we suggest that you simply mute your chats with our bot so you don't receive Discord notifications every time you join.

You can always disconnect your accounts through the Buttons Panel and connect accounts again, if needed.

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Are you using Lunar Client?

It's very likely that you are, since you've visited this page. If that's the case, please read this short page to see what kind of issues you will most likely run into while playing on our server.

Red custom objects

Some decorations on the server are made by using invisible strings (tripwire mode). This includes things like rocks, custom flowers and most notably, our farm plants/crops. Some Lunar Client users may see them colored completely in red.

This happens because of the 'Red String' option in Lunar Client settings. You can try to disable it, but it's likely that won't change anything.

Players getting invisible

This can happen in various situations, most notably when you go fishing. Some Lunar Client users get completely invisible, can't see the HUD (incl. their inventory and arm) and they can't see other players in the radius of ~10 blocks.

This happens because of the weird issue with Lunar Client regarding custom boss bars. The only way to fix this issue is to completely close the game and then open it again.

So, what should you do?

We have contacted Moonsworth (the developers of Lunar Client) and let them know about these issues, but we couldn't do anything to fix them.

We recommend using vanilla Minecraft client (or any other supported client) while playing on our server. Please don't expect us to fix client-side issues.

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Got kicked for 'out of order chat'?

Some players have reported that they experience the 'Out of order chat' kick issue. This is not an issue we can fix for you, it's an issue with your computer's time synchronization.

Out of order chat check was added by Mojang in 1.19.1 to support their new Chat Reporting system.

How to fix this issue

Firstly, visit time.is and see how many seconds your computer's clock is behind. For example, our clock is 0.3 seconds behind which is completely fine.

If your computer's time is too many seconds behind the world time, you might get kicked from the server when sending chat inputs.

We will not get too technical in this guide, so please search the internet on how to synchronize your OS time. The process is different for different operating systems.