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Terms and Conditions

At this page you can see the Terms and Conditions of MysticMC (also referred to as "we", "us", "our", "service", "site", etc.). By using any part of our service, you automatically agree to Terms and Conditions that apply here.


Your data is collected, used and stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Your account

We have the right to, at any given moment, with or without notice, with or without a reason, delete your account from this service. That also means we have a right to delete all your data from our systems, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Store Terms

By making a purchase from our store, you automatically agree to the following terms:

  1. You acknowledge that no refunds will ever be given. All purchases are final, making a chargeback request will result in your account(s) being immediately blacklisted from our systems.
  2. We have a right to permanently remove some or all of purchased item(s) and other virtual goods in the event of you violating the rules of our service, without compensation.
  3. You must have a permission of your legal guardians/parents to purchase virtual goods from our store if you are a minor. Otherwise, our responsibility is not refunding any payments, since the payment method was made available to the buyer by adults at the time of purchase.
  4. You accept that we may modify these terms, including any other terms/rules or pages on this service, with our without notice, at any given moment, with or without a reason. Therefore, you accept that it's your responsibility to frequently visit these terms to avoid confusion and violations of rules.
  5. You acknowledge that all other Terms of Service also apply to our Store, as well as on other parts of the service.

The content you share

You are the responsible for the content you share on our platform. It is strictly prohibited to share illegal, explicit, copyrighted and/or other inappropriate content on the service.

Promoting illegal actions (including, but not limited to; illegal substances, weapons, pornography that includes minors/assault victims, hate speech, murders and violence, copyrighted content posted without permission and/or any other illegal action) is against the laws that apply to this service, and can result in a lawsuit against you.

Promoting any other de jure legal, but inappropriate action or content is also prohibited by our rules, and may result in your account(s) getting banned.

Legal information

Our service is based in the Republic of Serbia, our website is hosted by a company registered in The Netherlands. Therefore, laws from these two countries (incl. some European Union regulations) might apply to our service.

In the event of DMCA violation made by our users, they are the ones responsible for the shared content, not MysticMC. We may delete copyrighted content from our systems. Please note that we will always protect the privacy of our users for ethical reasons; unless we are required by law to do so, we will never share personal data of our users to third-parties.

Our rights

You agree that, in any given moment, with or without notice, we reserve a right to modify our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Rules and/or any other page on this service. You also acknowledge that it's your responsibility to frequently check these pages for changes to avoid confusion and violations of the rules.


Last changed: 13th of January 2023 13:00 UTC