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Privacy Policy

At this page we are informing you of ways MysticMC (also referred to as "we", "us", "our", "service", "site", etc.) collects, manages and stores your data.


We collect standard anonymous data of the ways you use our service; most of the data we store is collected immediately after you register on our service, such as your email address or your username. We get that data from you, or the service you have used to make an account from (Discord or Google).

We may also store your public IP addresses and use them to prevent spam, detect alternate accounts, detect abuse and prevent other malicious behavior on the service.

Delete your data

You are in control. We may permanently delete all your data by deleting your account from our service. Please contact us if you want to delete your account. No data will be stored on our system after your account has been deleted.

We do not engage in selling and/or sharing data with third-party services.


We use cookies to store anonymized data (with your permission). In order to use them, you have to accept our cookie notice, or close the cookie notice. By making an account on our website, you automatically accept cookies.

Cookies store anonymized data on your system, locally. They are typically used to autofill fields, save passwords, etc.

Since their usage is local, site administrators have nothing to do with their usage. Please clear your browser cache to remove their contents.

Our rights

As we've already stated in our Terms and Conditions, you agree that we have a right to, with or without notice, remove or modify any part(s) of our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Rules, and/or other pages. You also agree that it's your responsibility to frequently check these pages for changes, in order to avoid rule-breaking and potential punishments.


Last changed: 13th of January 2023 12:40 UTC