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Happy Summer! 🌞
2 minute read


Today is the day summer has officially begun. This means a lot of new things – we get to relax and enjoy the sun, school break is starting for some of you, which of course brings a lot of free time you can spend having fun!

Okay, so what does all of this have to do with Mystic? We have some exciting news that we are ready to share with you. The server has been in active development since early 2020 (for a very long time) and we're pretty sure we'll be ready to share the results of that soon!

Want to play on the server?

Well, lots of you do. The great news we have to share is that the server will soon be released in Open Beta phase. This means that you get to play before the Grand Release. Please note that this phase might contain bugs, the main point of Open Beta is that you catch them and get rewards for helping us!

Another great thing is that you get to keep whatever you've built in beta, including all your items and builds. This gives beta players fair 'advantage' over others.

We have prepared great prizes for our most helpful beta players. You can get things like store credit, ranks, cosmetics and other pretty cool stuff for free, if you help us improve the server!

That's it for today, we hope to release more information soon!

Until then, have a great summer and remember to have lots of fun! 👋